Ortega Abogados renders legal services to both, individuals and entities, Mexican and foreign, which have business, investments or the intention of carrying out an investment within the Yucatan Peninsula. We hold for the benefit of our clients, an extraordinary professional relationship with key public officers and authorities of the three levels of government (Federal, State and local), whom regulate or supervise the industries and activities of our clients. The following are the main areas of practice of Ortega Abogados:

Real Estate. Our Real Estate practice focuses on advising clients, including multinational and domestic developers, hospitality companies and investors, on the legal and regulatory aspects of real estate investments and strategic transactions in the commercial (including retail), residential, hospitality and industrial sectors.

Corporate. We have a vast experience in corporate and corporate governance law applicable to mercantile and civil organizations. We advise medium size and institutional companies in their day-to-day operations and in complex transactions, as well.

Environmental Law. Ortega Abogados focuses its scope of its environmental law practice within the range of the real estate transactions of our clients, to whom we provide legal services regarding the regulatory compliance to which they are subject to, as well as in other specific transactions.

Hospitality Industry. Ortega Abogados advises all sorts of business organizations engaged in the hospitality industry. In this practice area, our main clients are not only global hotel chains, but boutique hotels as well. Our advice is focused in rendering legal services to such entities in their various day-to-day operations and in complex transactions as well.

Financial Law. Ortega Abogados has a rich experience in the financial law arena. We advise our clients in the full spectrum of financial products, including legal advise to domestic and foreign financial institutions in granting loans and other kind of financing structures to Mexican entities. Likewise, we advise our clients in the creation and formalization of collateral over assets located in Mexico.

The lawyers of Ortega Abogados in charge of this practice area have a deep experience and knowledge gained by representing and advising all kinds of lenders, borrowers, financial institutions, issuers and other participants in the financial industry.

Mergers & Acquisitions. We have gained important experience in mergers and acquisitions of business organizations; joint ventures agreements; joint investments; public-private investments, and in the creation of investments mechanisms to transfer controlling participations of entities (whether as controlling groups or minority shareholders).

Litigation. Ortega Abogados specializes its litigation practice by offering legal security and certainty to our clients in the development of their activities, by rendering advice that focuses in the prevention of conflicts or in the solution of these.